Saturday, April 9, 2011

I wish thr was machine thru wich v cud read other person's mind and heart.. atleast den v wud knw.. wats runnin in their mind n heart for US .. is it LOVE or HATE... or v even dnt matter to 'em ...
In life it sumtyms becum important to knw bout other person's feelings & emotions ..coz dese r wat humans r made up off.. i have realised tat dese feelings and emotions r vry precious.. so plz nevr take 'em for granted.. they r beautiful as they r.. they dnt need alterations.. 
people are precious.. so nevr let ur best poeple go... value them and their feelings.. i accept its really difficult .. i m tryin to save them.. hope i succeed.. :) :) :) :)


  1. just wonderful....i never knew u cud think so well..such a marvelous piece of writing..cum up wid sum new works...i jst luv it..u rocks!!!!!!!!

  2. thanx alot ... yupss sure.. wil cum up wid new works.. as now i m finding reader for d same.. hehe :)